IELTS (International English Language Testing System) PLAB 1 Preparation and Experience PLAB 2 Preparation and Experience

My Whole PLAB Journey and Tips – Dr. Roopa Patil

Hello all, this is a post about my PLAB journey. My intention to share this with you all is to tell everyone out there “It’s going to be OKAY!” Warning: Really long content and might be boring for many. Unlike many my PLAB journey began all because of my parents’ little trip to England. They […]

PLAB 1 Preparation and Experience PLAB 2 Preparation and Experience

PLAB Journey of an IMG – Rokaya Ruku

By the grace of Allah, I am done with my PLAB journey. Wanted to share a few things to new plabbers especially the mother’s with kids, if they find it helpful I enjoyed the journey. Alhamdulillah it’s not a difficult journey but it requires our sincerity. It’s possible for people with long gaps and kids […]

Residency Match Experience USMLE Residency Interview

An Awsome IMG Internal Medicine Post-Match Experience – Dr. Sajan Das

Matched!! It’s time to give back. My Journey from being Unmatched to acquiring a post-match vacant residency spot on 20th May 2020. My Brief CV Step 1 score = 246 Step 2CK score = 251 Step 3 score = 220 Step 2CS 2nd attempt, YOG = 2016, Visa Needed, 2 clinic-based US LORs. My Experience […]

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

My TOEFL Experience with ProctorU – Jonathan Lara Arevalo

Hi everyone. I just had my TOEFL today and really had a great experience with ProctorU. I had no connection issues and everything went well. I want to point some things out: I prepared myself for the reading section by following the tips from TST Prep on YouTube (they are the best). Then I practiced […]

SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level Examination)

Don’t Lose Hope – SSC CGL Success Story by Akhil Kumar Yadav

Hello everyone, I am AKHIL KUMAR YADAV, selected as SI in CBI, want to share my preparation journey for those aspirants who feel demotivated after failure at a very early stage of preparation. My preparation journey started in July 2014. 1. UPSC CSE 2014: Out in Pre. 2. UPSC CSE 2015: Out in Pre. 3. UPSC CSE […]

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) NEET PG

My NEET PG Preparation Experience – Dr. Ram Babu

Hi friends, I got a neet pg rank of 2777, took MD Paediatrics at JNMC, Aligarh. I took a break year after the internship and studied at home with Marrow. So I thought my preparation journey would give some insights to those who are preparing for neet. This is a very long post. Find TLDR […]


Systemic Examination of Respiratory System

This article is an exam-oriented discussion for medical students. This is a flowchart showing only the salient points to remember during performing a systemic examination of the respiratory system. Please Note: I only presented the systemic examination part. General examination should also be included when doing a complete physical examination. I shall later post another article on the general examination. Actually the […]

Immunology Medical Immunology Medicine

What is Inflammasome?

Definition – The inflammasomes are innate immune system receptors and sensors that regulate the activation of caspase-1 and induce inflammation in response to infectious microbes and molecules derived from host proteins¹. These are an important component of Innate immunity because they can recognize the molecules released by the pathogen even without any previous exposure from such molecules. […]


Plant Fibers vs. Dietary Fibers – Commonly Confused

Plant fiber Fibers from which threads or ropes are prepared. They are thin, long plant tissue with good tensile property. They can be found in various parts – Types Seed fiber – cotton (Gossypium genus), Kapok, Luffa, coir Bast fiber – jute, flax, hemp, esparto (mostly the phloem tissue) Leaf fiber – sisal, henequen Regenerated fiber – soybean, bamboo Semisynthetic fiber – […]

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My Five Tips for Your USMLE Journey – Dr. Rajat Dhand

MATCHED (2020 Match) SUNY Upstate; Internal Medicine Credentials STEP 1: 258 STEP 2 CK: 252 STEP 2 CS: Passed on 1st attempt STEP 3: 231 YOG: 2015 Non-US IMG (Attended a government medical college in India) Timeline Explained Worked in a variety of jobs since the completion of medical college. I started my USMLE journey […]