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Agaist All Odds – Step 2 CK Exam Experience and Resources

Okay, the academic bit as I’ve been asked!

Firstly, for those who left the exam thinking it went to hell and counted stupid mistakes:

Idiotic mistakes: MANY!!!!!

Hours of sleep before the exam: 2!!!

You can do well with stupid mistakes and no sleep, you honestly can!!
I forgot what an amoeba was; I forgot Nephritic syndromes; I missed Histo belt and treated cocaine OD with nitroprusside to name a few! So if you are waiting and think it’s all over just have faith! I have faith in you.


Step 1: 245

UWSIM1: 253 months before!

UWSIM2: 248 1 month out

NBME 8: 22X as cant actually remember exact: 6 weeks out

NBME 7: 221 months out then 243 repeated a month out

NBME 6: 253 10 days out

Free120 about 78-80% on both!

Real CK: 257


I honestly used v few resources.

UWorld mainly. I did one pass during placement year and by the time I did the second pass, there were loads of new questions! So 2 passes in total then incorrects and marked.

I did ALL NBMEs including old offline ones (I used this strategy for Step 1 and it seemed to work!)

I used USMLE-RX Qbank a little bit.

I used a few online Meded videos but not many, more to break up the study. I knew ahead of the exam that immunology was going to be big so I reviewed Step 1 notes but I honestly did not open FA for step 1, I couldn’t face it.

Rewatched Randy O’Neil for biostatistics.

I know everyone hates the NBMEs but I personally don’t think I’d have got 257 had I sat exam straight after SIM1 (253). Scoring high in SIMs seems to give much confidence that they don’t need to do more but I had barely covered anything when I got that. My actual exam had straight forward aspects but a lot was based on clinical reasoning and you could only answer if your thought process was correct. I don’t think the SIMs test this honestly but that’s for me personally.

I took all the CMS etc but a lot of this I did in my placement year. I’d say I started dedicated at the end of March but had to interrupt for school exams which were nothing like CK material for a good 6 weeks.

I stand by my step 1 strategy of questions, questions, questions! I bought FA CK but barely used it. I used StepUp in placement year and made lots of good notes which I added to when doing UWorld.

So I’d recommend: UWORLD; StepUp/good text alongside; qbanks and as many practice tests as you have time for!


Becks Bethechange

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