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Amazing USMLE Step 1 Success Story and Advice – Dr. Mustafa Aljaloudi

My name is Mustafa Aljaloudi, I’m a recent graduate (2019) from MU Jordan.

Score report: 01/4/2020, 257

Prep time: 7 months dedicated after graduation plus on/off throughout my med school staring in my 3rd year.


  1. First aid 19 + Uworld (only sources during the dedicated period). I also did the UWorld Biostat Review.
  2. Pathoma, BRS physiology, Kaplan biochem/Anatomy/immunology (during my basic med school years)
  3. Goljan pathology (reference), high yield Anatomy (reference)


All within the last 2 months –

  1. NBME 21: 257
  2. UWSA1: 273
  3. UWSA2: 266
  4. Amboss: 262

Advice and Experience

I studied step1 for quite a long time, I read so many experiences and I know so many who took the exam, here are a few points that I learned:

📚 Step 1 is NOT about how much knowledge you have. 70% of questions you would figure out based on your understanding rather than memorization.

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📚 Endurance and exam-taking skills are as important as knowledge, which can be developed from solving online, timed Qbanks & assessments. For students/Drs aiming 260+, Most of their mistakes are not due to lack of knowledge and understanding rather it’s mental fatigue, momentary loss of concentration. so work on that if you are knowledgeable already.

📚 NBMEs are more predictable that UWSAs, (I’m not saying you shouldn’t do UWSA, you should, just to improve your stamina). If you wanna know where you really stand that’s your online new NBME score.

📚 Going through the same resource over and over again is useless, even if it’s UWorld and FA. If you feel that you are fine with 2 reads of FA and 1 of Uworld that’s fine. Every person is different after all.

📚 When I got out of the exam I felt if I took the test 2 months prior to my date it would have been the same result. hard questions that I wasn’t sure about, if I would study for another 3 months or did all other sources still I wouldn’t cover them.

📚 Don’t give step 1 more than it deserves, study wisely rather than extensively, tiny details don’t matter as much as you think they do.

📚 Last but not least, I think everyone is destined for a certain score, we all need to work hard but eventually, everyone is getting different questions and there’s some luck in it as some exams are easier/harder than others. Still, you can guarantee a decent score of 240+ with good preparation.

I wish all the best for every single one of you.


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The MU, Jordan


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