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An Awsome IMG Internal Medicine Post-Match Experience – Dr. Sajan Das


It’s time to give back.

My Journey from being Unmatched to acquiring a post-match vacant residency spot on 20th May 2020.

My Brief CV

Step 1 score = 246

Step 2CK score = 251

Step 3 score = 220

Step 2CS 2nd attempt,

YOG = 2016,

Visa Needed,

2 clinic-based US LORs.

My Experience

Through this post I want to share my experience and want to encourage people who didn’t match in the main match cycle or who have attempt in any of the USMLE exams.

I applied on 15 September 2019 and got a total of 5 interviews till October 15 and no interviews after that, still I told myself that I am gonna make the most out of these and I was sure that I will match.

But the day came and I went unmatched, I was broken and devastated but luckily got 1 interview in SOAP but Anxiety of being unmatched killed my only chance of the match. SOAP passed and again went unmatched.
I lost all my hopes and started complaining to Almighty, days passed I started working on my CV and started volunteering at the COVID Unit of Bronx Care New York where I worked for 2 months. Here I realized the reason behind being unmatched despite 6 Interviews was actually my Interview Skills.

I came to know about one empty slot at a program on 18 May and applied there with my CV and the recent experience and next day I got an email for an interview on Skype, this time I didn’t prepare for the interview, I just wanted to be myself, no overacting, no Anxiety, no fear of rejection. It was me and only me who have worked hard to get here and by now I had learned the hard way of not letting my anxiety get the best of me.

Miraculously next day I got a call from the Associate PD saying that we want to offer you a post-match position and then she asked me if I want to accept it

Post Match Position ……………………. I SAID YES YES YES.

I cried and thanked my Lord Krishna for this blessing.

What I Learned

  • Never argue with Lord, whatever is happening, is in our best favor.
  • Be yourself during the interviews.
  • Don’t show that you are overly desperate
  • Trust Almighty and His plans
  • Pray, pray, and pray, Wo Maula sab ki sunta hai

This is my journey, feel free to ask anything guys, I would love to help.

Last but not least I want to thank my wife( PGY-1 resident) she believed in me and helped me and kept my hopes high.


Dr. Sajan Das

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