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My Five Tips for Your USMLE Journey – Dr. Rajat Dhand

MATCHED (2020 Match) SUNY Upstate; Internal Medicine Credentials STEP 1: 258 STEP 2 CK: 252 STEP 2 CS: Passed on 1st attempt STEP 3: 231 YOG: 2015 Non-US IMG (Attended a government medical college in India) Timeline Explained Worked in a variety of jobs since the completion of medical college. I started my USMLE journey […]

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USMLE Step 3 Study Plan – Dr. Adeel Chaudhary

Many of my colleagues asked me to write about the best study plan. So, I’m writing what I feel to be the most productive plan. Do OnlineMedEd lectures with Kaplan books for medicine and peds (You can skip lecture notes if you want for these). Do Surgery and OBG from Kaplan notes and Kaplan lectures. […]