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For Anyone Feeling like Shite before Step 1 – kamareddine

First off, I’m writing this right after sitting for step 1 so it’s gonna be raw.
I was supposed to have sat for it 4 months ago and kept getting cancellation after cancellation. Eventually, I had to leave for another bloody country and live in a hotel for a month waiting for an opening to do it.

A couple of months ago, studying was going smoothly. I was doing great on UWorld, I was going through first aid quickly and efficiently, and then I got my 1st cancellation. Everything went to shit, couldn’t motivate me to study, couldn’t be arsed doing UWorld, couldn’t be arsed reading. I was able to find a spot for the upcoming month but guess what happened? I got canceled again. Again, shitty studying, no motivation for another month. By this point, I’d read first aid once and had around 700 UWorld questions to go. Called my testing center to see if I should bother registering another date, got told to piss off. Booked a flight to another country that had working testing centers but by the time I got my testing region change approved, that country didn’t have any more spots. So I packed my shit and went to live there waiting for a spot to open up so I can get this over with. 1 full month later, I fucking did it. I still have 700 UWorld questions to go and I only read first aid once and the last time I read anything there was a couple of months ago. All I’ve been doing for the past month has been assessments and I was doing well enough to justify not studying anymore.

But that’s neither here nor there, the reason I’m writing this shit is that for the last week I’ve been feeling like shite. I was sure I’m gonna fail it, that I don’t remember anything, that I’m a weak loser who deserves to fucking fail. But I fucking killed it and it was in big part due to reading people’s experiences on this subreddit.

If your studying hasn’t been the best, give yourself a break dawg. You know much more than you think you do. Peace and loveee



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