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Healthcare Interview Experience – Dr. Neela Hossain

Recently I have faced an interview over the phone, so sharing my experience with you, hope that will help and best of luck everyone.

Interview Topic For Acute Medical Oncology & Palliative Care Trust Doctor Post

👉Generally, the Interview starts with asking about yourself / clinical experience/portfolio. So sale yourself properly even everything is given in your CV. ( try to mention about your all clinical & non-clinical experience, even if it’s a small one )

👉Mention of any publication/presentation/research/teaching experience, if you got one emphasis on that. If you don’t have this experience, simply can mention about clinical case presentation during internship and teaching to fellow medical students or research during community medicine)

👉Why you are interested in this post (explain your interest on that particular specialty and learning opportunity by working in NHS)

👉Clinical Scenario: They will give a clinical scenario of acute oncological emergency and you have diagnosed and provide your treatment plan (Read details of all Oncological Emergencies), eg: Breast cancer 2 weeks post-chemotherapy patient called you from home with a fever, what would be your plan of action (Give plan for Neutropenic Sepsis with hospitalization, investigation & treatment ).

👉What is your future plan and where you want to see yourself in the next 5 years! (mention your interest in this specialty along with research, audit, quality improvement project in future)

👉At last, they will ask: Do you have any questions ! (Rather than just saying no, ask them if any got any doubt about the post/job responsibility or whatever you want to know).

👉Though I didn’t get any questions on these topics, but better to have a look: Side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy, cardio and nephrotoxic chemo drugs, the idea of palliative medicine, commonly used palliative drugs, clinical governance.

👉Finally be confident and believe in yourself because you can make it.


Dr. Neela Hossain

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