TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

How I Prepared for TOEFL – Abdulrahman Alshami

Hi Everyone

I received my score recently, and I’m happy to write here after months of struggling. Actually, I needed a 90 overall score with minimum scores for every section (R:22, L: 22, S: 22, W:23), but I got higher than that, which makes me eligible to apply for the UNiversity that I want.

Here are some tips that I followed through my preparation.


I practiced as much as possible by using TPO. During practice reading on TPO, I tried to memorize any new vocabs because they are usually replicated in similar reading topics.


I practiced also using TPO without taking notes. I found it an efficient way to understand and to keep following the lectures/conversations without missing anything.


I struggled a lot in this section. Even though, I got a higher score than I need by using TOEFL resources templates and by taking 5 lectures with Miguel Marcano.

To practice, I depended on TPO in this link (, It was very useful for me because I was able to compare my responses with those of others that are offered on this website.

Writing, I followed the templates of TOEFL resources, and I used to watch videos of the writing section on TPO in this link ( From these videos, I read numerous essays and learned how to link ideas of reading and lectures in writing task 1.

Also, I recommend these two books to students who have long preparation time.

1) 185 TOEFL Writing (TWE) Topics and Model Essays. (It is helpful because it is full of ideas that can be used in writing task 2).

2) Peterson’s master TOEFL writing skills.
I hope all of you achieve your desired scores.


Abdulrahman Alshami

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