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IELTS Preparation and Experience by Niveditha Lal

Friends, I have received my IELTS results on the 27th. It was my 1st attempt. I’m so happy and excited. I would like to share my IELTS journey here. (Long post alert)

July 1st week only me and my husband started our preparation. Initially, we both didn’t have any idea about IELTS. We got a general idea from IELTS Liz. She is a brilliant teacher, and also she was an IELTS examiner. So her ideas and tips are 100% reliable.

Then we started practicing LISTENING by using youtube videos. Initially, the score was below 30 and it started improving gradually.

At the same time, we tried some of the reading videos, but it was very difficult to read small fonts in youtube videos. And we didn’t have any idea about other sources to practice.

I was always worried about the writing part, in which I m very weak even in my mother tongue! Apart from Liz, I had referred Jay (E2 Language ) and IELTS Advantage (they had given a clear idea about the structure of the essays). In addition to the structure, we need to focus on the linking words (given in Liz’s site) and paraphrasing. For Task 1 I referred only in Lizielts.

Meanwhile, We started speaking ONLY in English in our home. Thanks to our kids! Even though they are small, they helped a lot. They didn’t laugh at my mistakes, they were very supportive. Since we can’t go out like before, we started watching English movies with subtitles. It really worked! Movies will help us to speak real-life English.

Even though we were not ready, We booked our exam date. From that day only we practiced regularly. Only 2 weeks’ time was there. By the time, I had joined some groups on FB including our group. That was the turning point! We got so much valuable information from there.

We came to know about IELTS Online Tests. Yeaah!!! The best place to practice LISTENING and READING. Somebody suggested StarkCamp also. But it had some loading issues. So we practiced only in IELTS Online Tests (some of their answers are wrong, they will mark our correct answers as wrong. Don’t worry, you can check the comment section below the answers)

Still, we didn’t have any idea about speaking! 2 days prior to the test, I got the Makkar speaking guide for September – December. So we started our combined study. Studying with my spouse was a really fun and enjoyable experience.


Same time, we saw some discussions about Jay’s PPF method in a group. That was really helpful. Otherwise, it will be very tough to talk about a topic for 2 mins (Thanks to that person, who posted abt PPF).

We had attempted two full model tests (Listening, Reading, and Writing). Practiced writing in ‘sample IELTS writing paper’.Read some of the essays posted in our group, it really helped to increase my vocabulary. But I haven’t used any fancy words in my essay. I only tried to avoid repeating words.

Edited: We practiced a few speaking tests with a mask on.

And most importantly, it was my dream to post such a long post in our group after receiving the results.

If I can do it, you can too!



Niveditha Lal

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IELTS Preparation and Experience

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