TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

My TOEFL Experience with ProctorU – Jonathan Lara Arevalo

Hi everyone. I just had my TOEFL today and really had a great experience with ProctorU. I had no connection issues and everything went well. I want to point some things out:

  1. I prepared myself for the reading section by following the tips from TST Prep on YouTube (they are the best). Then I practiced using the TPOs from the Zabanexam page.
  2. Surprisingly I felt the reading passages from the TOEFL test way easier than the TPOs. My scores on the TPOs were always 18-22. Today I GOT 29!!! (I’m so happy).
  3. Every time I practiced the reading section of TPOs always displayed 3 reading passages and I set up my mind for that. Today my test had 4, so I was a little bit overwhelmed, but thank God everything went well. Be prepared to have 3 or 4.
  4. The listening section is pretty similar to TPOs. I got 27 (I am also happy).
  5. After the 10 minute break, I had to wait like 3 minutes for my test to start again.
  6. I have to wait for my results in speaking and writing.


Jonathan Lara Arevalo

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