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Hey guys, I just received my score report. I am very happy about it. I just wanted to share my experience as this might be helpful for someone who’s struggling with their preparation. I guess this is not for people who are aiming 240 plus.

I started by doing Kaplan videos which I think are pretty okay but I recommend doing BnB rather than Kaplan as it takes a lot of time. And after Kaplan I did Pathoma. Then I started doing UWorld first round. My advice is to go through the UWorld properly rather than hurrying through which I think was my mistake. After the first round of UWorld, I took an NBME in which I got 190. I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting around 200. Then I did my UWorld second and the Nbme after that I got 190 again. I was devastated. I probably did the same mistake again by not reviewing the UWorld properly. And that was Nbme 20 which is the toughest (which I didn’t know then). Then I did UWorld again and after which I took UWSA-1 where I got 220. I know it overpredicts but it gave me the confidence that I can do this. That score gave me the motivation to work hard and think it’s doable. Then I reviewed First Aid properly and then gave the newer NBMEs in which I got 215 in NBME 24 and I got 220 in NBME 22. Then I felt I was weak in microbiology, general pathology, and biostatistics. So I did pathoma first 3 chapters again, UWorld biostatistics review and Anki for microbiology. Which I think helped me a lot.

Then I finally booked a date around April first week. As my exam got canceled, I finally took it in May. One week before the real deal I solved UWSA 2 in which I got 238. This was a confidence booster again even though I knew that it overpredicts.

After I got 238 I was pretty chilled out and not stressed about the real one. I didn’t study anything for the last 2 days before my exam and was relaxed enough.

I finally got my score today and it’s 230. I’m really happy with this score. I’m thankful to everyone in this group who helped me through this. If I can do it, everyone out there can do it. It’s just persistence.


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