NEET PG Success Story and Review of Popular Coaching Classes

Long post Alert!!!!!!

This post has :

1)My NEET PG story

2)Battle with low scores in tests and GT’s

3)Advantage of using Marrow

4)Advantage of DAMS T & D

5)Take home messages…

As NEET says National Eligibility CUM Entrance Test so are you all……Hello, COVID-19 warriors CUM PG aspirants 🙂

I am here to share you my NEET PG Journey which can be inspiring for some mediocre students like me

NEET PG 2019 rank-101863

NEET PG 2020 rank-21475

I know this is not a great achievement….But for me it is…….!!!

1)My NEET PG story

I have done my MBBS from a private college.I have passed all my MBBS university exams with grace marks(except my 1 st year exam)

My MBBS aggregate marks-56%

My internship was hectic at times.

During Internship,i managed to make notes from Marrow videos,but couldn’t complete making notes for all subjects.

Now,after my internship got over i took a drop for NEET PG 2020.I joined DAMS T & D classroom session.I completed my notes making simultaneously.I completed my 1st reading by August end.

2)Battle with low scores in tests and GT’s

I had nothing to lose!!!!!!

I would love to tell this that NEET PG is simple than our GT’s or CBT’s….trust me on this…..BUT WE SHOULD PREPARE FOR THE WORST……

Hardik Pandya-“I conceded 26 runs from my First 8 balls & thought my career was over”

But as of now Hardik Pandya is one of the best all rounder.

So never get depressed or bothered about low scores in GT’s,its part of our game called NEET PG.

Instead find ways to improve scores,review them,discuss them….find some humour in the question 😄and try to make ur concepts strong.

3)Advantage of using Marrow


For me,notes making was mostly from Marrow videos(except for pharma ,micro,PSM which was from prepladder)

Videos made my concepts….which is very much needed in NEET.

Qbank is THE MOST IMP THING.You can skip ur one time meal but u cannot afford to skip qbank.So please please please solve qbank religiously……That will make ur chances of cracking NEET very high(mark my words)

So Thanks Deepu Sebin sir…

4)Advantage of DAMS T & D

The advantage that DAMS T & D gave me is the atmosphere,the Vibe of real competition outside and a schedule to follow

Obviously for ex-if DAMS has a time table which tells it has Anatomy T & D on Sat and Sun, we will be bound to prepare for the test i.e.we will study Anat on Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs and Fri and then we will go for T& D.

So very Importantly DAMS gave a time table to follow

Thanks #Sumer Sethi and #Deepti Bahl maam…

5)Take Home Messages

-Believe in Yourself

-Have few friends during preparation, sorry few POSITIVE friends

-Have a proper time table

-Make your own handwritten notes and mark with a highlighter previous years aiims and neet questions in your notes…..coz topics can be repeated
Give GT’s as early as possible (Till sept give 2 GT’s per month… Then give weekly)

-Focus more on revision

-Discuss volatile topics with friends

-Have a swag that u knw every answer 😎

(this does help as others get afraid and depressed that u knw everything and they dont this reduces there confidence…..affecting there studies….My secret tip😂😂)

-If i can do it ,every one can literally do it

So to all 70k,80k,90k,1 lakh and above rankers out there…..



Thanks for reading everyone.

Plz let me knw if in anyways i can help you guys…..

All the best👍

Nd ya, I have a chance of getting MD Medicine in a deemed university😀….

Thanks all of you🙂


Dr. Kshitij Kumat

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