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PLAB 1 and 2 Experience and Advice – Dr. Neela Hossain

Alhamdulillah I have completed both PLAB 1 & 2 in less than 6 month luckily.

My journey starts from September. There was no seat for PLAB 1 in Bangladesh for November 2019, and only available date was in March 2020, which was after 6 months. So I decided a bold step to book Plab1 in the UK in November 🥶


🤔You may think why I did that!

*I thought in my mind that if I pass PLAB 1, I have to go to UK definitely, so why not now! why waste further 6 months if I have a option!

However, taking the decision was the most easy step overall. But the most struggle parts were getting a Visa & managing Finance 🤣

🤔Many of you might think is UK give visitor visa for Plab1 !

*The answer is yes, they also provide visa for Plab1, if you can clearly show them the reason in your statement (I have mentioned unavailability of Plab seats in Bangladesh and explained the time gap in my future plan) and provide necessary documents.

Plab1 Preparation (September -November)

*Attended Online course in Dr. Swamy ( as i had a long clinical gap, their course was average but their mocks were very poor, overall I wouldn’t recommend it if you currently have good clinical knowledge)

*Plabable (it’s a gem, you must follow it and do their questions atleast twice)

*Passmedicine ( I read only ethics from here, but if you have time, go through it, it’s a very good source to boost your knowledge)

*Recalls (last 1 years recalls, will get it from plab groups or friends)

Plab2 Journey. (December – February 06)

*I started my preparation before getting Plab 1 result 🤣

*Attended Aspire course (they have good organised notes, class quality was overall ok) But to be honest it’s you who have to make your success, no coaching or no notes are fruitful if you can’t make the right approach in exam.

*I medics video (you will get lots of free videos, their approach is good, but lengthy, so be careful about time)

*Dr Ankur’s video (will get it in YouTube, they are good and concise)

*Dr Aman Aurora’s audio (it’s a very convenient way to improve your interpersonal skill, however, don’t follow the same phrases, candidates are nowadays overusing the same phrases)

Alhamdulillah I got my result in March with a good score and worked as a Mock examiner with Aspire for a while. Now waiting for GMC registration and job hunting.
Special thanks to #RoadtoUK who helped me in every steps of my GMC registration application 😇 (just followed their guidance given in website and believe me it’s more than enough)

👉So doctors, go on, you can definitely make it. If you need any help in your PLAB journey, feel free to ask👈


Dr. Neela Hossain

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