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PLAB Journey of an IMG – Rokaya Ruku

By the grace of Allah, I am done with my PLAB journey. Wanted to share a few things to new plabbers especially the mother’s with kids, if they find it helpful

  1. I enjoyed the journey. Alhamdulillah it’s not a difficult journey but it requires our sincerity.
  2. It’s possible for people with long gaps and kids or with other commitments. Needs proper planning and practicing.
  3. This journey is relatively easy for those who love their profession and nature in communication. Unfortunately Plab 2 is difficult for people not good in interpersonal relationships.
  4. My journey was almost without any academy. I joined one online course but hardly could attend 20% of the course. So if you are not able to join the academy, just believe in yourself and practice and Pray!

Show your sincerity, you are promised to get help from God!

I wish everyone’s journey to be easy and enjoyable!


Dr. Rokaya Ruku

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