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Scams and Pitfalls in PLAB Pathway

These are strictly from my own experience. Others may differ, I understand.

📌 IELTS/OET coaching: ok. Some may be good but most are totally useless. I can not comment on OET as I took IELTS. I passed without any coaching or mock. Regarding mocks, only God knows how they correlate with the real exam.

📌 PLAB 1 date: if you try to swap, you will probably get screwed.

📌 PLAB 2 coaching: too touchy subject to touch. All coaching has serious problems and flaws. And mind it they only contribute around 10 to 20 percent.

📌 PLAB 2 accomodation: some landlord try to cheat . Some may be good .

📌 Air travel agent: simply avoid them. I lost 35 thousand tk due to the COVID situation and booking through agent. Buy your own ticket with the card.

📌 Job agency: didn’t like them. Most of my friends suggested me to avoid them.

📌 Hospital HR: make sure u are clear about ur salary, relocation package, study budget, etc.

📌 Renting a house in the UK: check everything before moving in. To repair a doorbell it took 4 weeks.

Simply put the aim of many people in this world is to get the money out of your pocket. You are not in medical school – it’s real life out there. I was seriously thinking growing up was a trap and totally overrated.


The author of this article decided to stay anonymous. Article first appeared on Facebook.

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