Step 1 Preparation and Experience

Step 1 252 during the Pandemic – Dr. Mahmoud Bayomi

اللَّهُمَّ لَكَ الْحَمْدُ كَمَا يَنْبَغِي لِجَلالِ وَجْهِكَ وَعَظِيمِ سُلْطَانِكَ

This is my step 1 experience.

I will share the outline of my experience.

I will not talk about timeline because everyone has his/her own pace and unique circumstances.

For me I had a lot of obstacles that delayed me a lot like personal issues and global issues ( COVID 19 ) and prometric closure

so for those who are struggling right now never lose hope and keep moving – it will eventually pay off inshallah.


✨📚Kaplan videos all of them except pathology (very good for someone starting with fragile basic science and starting after graduation like me)

✨📚Elhusseiny immunology on YouTube (watched them before kaplan and were good)

✨📚Sketchy micro and sketchy pharm (amazing source for memorization) watched the videos and then studied the videos through pepper anki decks in micro and pharm (the decks were great and based on sketchy only you can find them on Reddit step 1)

✨📚Microbiology made ridiculously simple book (nice book but didn’t add anything new after sketchy)

✨📚Pathoma (gold watched it twice) and did pepper deck for pathoma on anki (nice deck did it in a day as a review)

✨📚Board and beyond in Biochemistry Neurology General pharmacology and Biostatistics (B&B is a great source I used it in subjects I felt weak)

✨📚Sketchy path (was not good did only CNS tumors and neurocutaneous syndromes so use it for only very hard topics that you cannot memorize)

✨📚FA (the holy book of step 1 literally almost any word in it is a potential question , I added notes from uworld and pathoma in it and hilighted every concept in FA that was tested in uworld)

✨📚Uworld (If I have to pick one source to step 1 it would be uworld ,the Q bank is great with explanations and understanding why you chose an answer over another very helpful diagrams and tables try to at least do it twice with a thorough reading and understanding of the explanations not just to get the question right)

✨📚RX flash cards online (did about half of them helped me to memorize FA as they are FA based with supplemental pages from FA in the answers)

✨📚RX Q bank (nice bank did it all after uworld in my opinion if you want to do any Q bank other than uworld do it after uworld it won’t take time and would strengthen your uworld concepts)

✨📚Amboss Q bank (a nice Q bank too did about third of it, did it in pathology physiology some histology and molecular biology)

✨📚YouTube and Wikipedia

Conclusion for Sources

There are a lot of sources and stuff

My Advice is to master FA and Uworld by any mean or any source you are comfortable with just try to master these two as possible and believe me you will be good to go.

Q Banks Scores

Uworld 1st pass 80%

Uworld 2nd pass 90%

RX Q bank 78%

Amboss 81%

Assessment scores

Amboss self assessment 250+ (don’t remember exactly)

UWSA 1 258

UWSA 2 256

Nbmes 20 to 24 ranging from 240 to 250

Nbme 18 254 (3 weeks before exam)

Free 120 89% (last week)

Usmle step 1 252

Mahmoud Bayomi USMLE Step1 Score
Dr. Bayomi’s Step 1 Score

Exam day

Tried to relax the day before the exam and not thinking too much

Listened to heart sounds in the morning on YouTube

In the exam I took a break after each block like 7 to 8 minutes or something to go to the bathroom eat a protein bar or a banana and sips of coffee and water

Took a Panadol before the exam and one in the middle of the day.


Dr. Mahmoud Bayomi


Q. Kaplan high yield or Kaplan classroom ?

A. class room

Q. Can you recommend source for ECG and Heart sounds ?

A. ECG enough in FA and uworld and you can search for ecg videos I liked the dirty Usmle channel

Heart sounds playlist:

Q. How many days per week did you study?

A. 5-6 days a week

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