Step 2CK Preparation and Experience

Step 2CK 271 Experience by Dr. Ayman Khaled

I started this journey 2 years ago, and here I am, almost done. Don’t waste your time, PLAN and ACT. Make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, that’s how it works.

It’s DOABLE, very very very very very doable. Very doable. Please 😅.

So, Ayman Khaled, a medical student at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

prep time: 5 months

Step 1: 248 October 2019

Scores in Order

UW 1st: 85%

NBME 7: 257 (3 months before)

Amboss: 83%

NBME 8: 257 ( 2 months )

UW 2nd: 91%

UWSA 2: 269 ( 17 days )

UWSA 1: 272 ( 10 days )

NBME 6: 262 ( 6 days )

New 120: 83-84 % ( 1 day)

Step 2CK: 271

Ayman Khaled Score report
Step 2CK Performance Report of Dr. Khaled


—The best way to prepare for step 2 CK is to prepare well for step 1.

—UW + Amboss qbank are enough (cover almost everything).

—The exam didn’t feel difficult, but felt fresh and unique, nothing new in terms of concepts tho.

—Kaplan books are the best books for CK imo (different story for step 1 👎), used em for ob/gyn and some surgery after one round of uw and amboss and recognizing my weaknesses which made it really easy to read in like 5 days a book (I tried almost all CK review books, none worked).


Dr. Ayman Khaled

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