Step 1 Preparation and Experience

My USMLE Step 1 Experience and Study Resources – Usmlepizza

Hey guys, I just received my score report. I am very happy about it. I just wanted to share my experience as this might be helpful for someone who’s struggling with their preparation. I guess this is not for people who are aiming 240 plus. I started by doing Kaplan videos which I think are […]

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

How I Improved my Score from 570 to 680 in GMAT – Vamshi Kaithi

Hi. I am Vamshi. To give you an introduction, I am a GMAT aspirant and I improved my score from 570 to 680 and I have to say this group has helped me a lot and I always had this thought of giving it back somehow, no matter how small it could be. I found […]

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The United States Medical Licensing Examination – a Nigerian perspective – Dr. Chimezie Mbachi Bar’joe

Hi, I am Bar Joe, a graduate of the University of Nigeria, I started the USMLE process after graduation and I am currently in the interview process, at this point I decided to put this write up because I feel that the process can be made easier if we are being guided appropriately and if […]