Why Doesn’t Some Animal Have Any Gallbladder?

It is still not scientifically proven why some animals don’t have a gallbladder. Some proposed hypotheses have strong evidence in support, while others are merely conjectures. We shall discuss them one by one. But to understand them properly, you need to remember the following points – Gall bladder collects. stores, and concentrates bile secreted by […]

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Why do viruses often come from bats? A discussion with your friendly neighborhood virologist

Hello everyone! I’m /u/_Shibboleth_ and I’m a Virologist/Immunologist. The 4.5 years I spent getting a PhD were dedicated to studying antibody responses against emerging viruses like Ebola and Marburg. So you can imagine how much time I’ve spent thinking about bats. Here are some answers about why they always seem to be the culprit when it comes […]