Step 1 Preparation and Experience

Tips for USMLE Step 1 by MD Usmle

Some days ago I set for the Step 1 exam.

I am thanking many people in this group for answering my questions and helping me.

Meanwhile waiting for my result, I have some advice for the new step 1 taker:

✨ FA-UW-P are more than enough for the exam

✨Youtube channel like DirtyMedecine, speedypharma were of help +++

✨NBME try to do them all

✨Correct your UW and NBME mistakes: that’s a MUST

✨Have an exam date when starting.

✨Have a plan for your study.

✨Don’t be shy to postpone your exam: better do it well than fail.

✨Do at least 3 exams of 280 questions in real exam conditions.

✨Try to read rapidly FA before the exam and your notes (rapid read not a study)

✨Try to have a whole day of rest before the exam with family/friends not alone to avoid stress.


✨Exam day: Predetermined breaks and healthy food.

The exam is doable if you studied well concepts


MD Usmle

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