Step 2CK Preparation and Experience

Trust Your Progress and Assessment – Step 2CK 256 Experience

Finally got my step 2 result today

Here is my experience

Scores and Resources

Step 1 score 250 (April 2019)

Step 2 score 256

Prep time 2.5 Months (80 days exactly)

UWorld 1x 75% followed by mistakes and marked (didn’t have time for a second run I recommend at least 2 runs cause you need to master UWorld)

UWSA1 259 (10 days out)

UWSA2 252 (2 days out)

No NBME, No CMS, and No free 120.

Uworld was my entire prep, I used FA for Biostat only.

Dr Yaman Step 2CK experience

2 things I want to mention for everyone

1- I felt so lost during my prep. never felt I had a full grasp on all the content (unlike when I was studying Step 1) this is normal to feel just keep on studying.

2- After the exam, I felt that I shit the bed even worse than what I felt after step 1. I had 15+ questions marked with every block. It’s all right to feel that way just trust your progress and assessment.

Good luck to everyone


Dr. Yaman M. Almerstani


Q – Was time an issue during the exam or were you able to finish early in each block?

A – I trained myself to only spend 1 min on each question and if I still don’t have a clear answer I would choose the most likely choice, mark the question and move on.
Always had 10-15min at the end of each block to revisit marked questions and get a fresh look at them again.
Time was never an issue for me but you need practice. and each has their own approach so find what you are comfortable with.

Q – I was planning to write ck before step 1, is it a bad idea? Please share your thoughts

A – I definitely prefer doing step 1 first. But I don’t think its a deal breaker to go for step 2 immediately.
Though, It would be best if you ask someone who did step 2 first and see their experience

Q – how can u do it in 2.5 months??? How to grasp 1st round so fast??

A – honestly, being short on time is what pushed me

I started off doing 6-8 hours daily about 2-3 blocks. With taking notes of important points.

Last month I did 12 hours daily which is about 3-4 blocks.

I finished UWorld about 15 days before my exam which is not enough time for a 2nd run so I reviewed the notes, mistakes, marked and my weak areas.

Did assessment which was in my target range.

Then a few days later did another assessment which again was in my target range

So I went for it.

Q – how much percentage score was your UW first round?

A- around 75% maybe a bit higher

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