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USMLE Match and Interview Experience – Dr. Adeel Chaudhary

Match experience

Below is my match experience, as I am getting PMs about it,

Alhamdulillah Matched, #Match2018

Just a detailed review, it might help people in future, please don’t send personal messages. Thank ya all and good luck!

Step 1: 259 Step 2: 269 Step 3: 230 CS: No additional attempt 3 months USCE 2 months Research 7 publications YOG: DEC 2015

Interview Trail Experience

” Consider location, weather, support system, the happiness of residents, fellowships, nearby airports, patient load, patient population, accommodations, safe neighborhood.

” University vs Community programs, Medical School seniors, H1 vs J1

” Would you be happy working at that place, most imp!

Match Diary 2018

Sep 6
I have completed whole application and uploaded my LORs.

Sep 13
I have submitted my application.

Sep 25
I have received my 1st Interview at Bronx Lebanon

Oct 1
I have received 2nd IV invite from Morehouse School of Medicine(Uni program). I have scheduled it for Dec 14.

Oct 4
What a fine day it is, although I am a bit tensed about my first trip to NYC I am excited at the same time. At noon I got my 3rd IV (Yayyyy Alhamdulillah) It is at Lincoln Medical Center. I have scheduled it for Dec 7.

I am on my way to NYC and guess what its 4.30 pm and I got my 4th IV invite Alhamdulillah and it is from University at Buffalo. I have scheduled it for Nov 30. I am looking forward to the IV tomorrow at Bronx Lebanon. Inshallah

Oct 5
The IV went fine, though the Bronx is shady, it was a good IV practice with Dr. Skylar. Meanwhile, I got my 5th invite from UTMB(Uni program) yay Alhamdulillah, **** was really happy too! I scheduled it for Jan 5.

Oct 14
My first 2 rejections from Hennepin and UTSA(disappointment), But Inshallah I am looking forward to much better and good ones. Btw these 2 rejections came after 8 days of stun silence.

Oct 17
So after 12 days of intense patience, finally I have been called by Presence Saint Francis Evanston, it is up north of Chicago, IL. Dammit, I have been given Dec 4 for the IV! Looking forward to ace it, IA.

Oct 23
Waoh such a break of silence, Got an eye-opener rejection in the morning from Jacobi, which was complemented at noon by the other rejection from UT Austin dell.

Oct 24
Berkshire sent a rejection, well played guys!

Oct 30
Mount Auburn rejection, no worries it was expected one. Guess what Texas Tech Permian Basin sent an IV invite, finally something to cheer about in days.. Odessa I am coming in mid-December!

Oct 31
Got an IV call from Allegheny, I hope I can make it here, One of my dream places. Rejection from WVU sad but I have always more to be thankful, Alhamdulillah… Gotta take Step 3 day 1 tomorrow.

Nov 3
Got a rejection from UMMS Baystate nevermind.

Nov 6
Early morning rejection from Monmouth Medical center NJ, MedStar Health Georgetown Washington DC, Drexel University/Hahnemann Hospital hell yeah!

Nov 7
Rejection from Mayo Clinic Florida and Southern Illinois University school- no more IMGs, get a GC!

Nov 8
What a relief, Step 3 done and dusted.

Nov 9
UTSW rejection, Atlanticare regional medical center

Nov 10
LSU lafayette invite, University of Oklahoma pre-invite, Metrowest Medical center program, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Bridgeport yale rejects.

Nov 11
LSU Shreveport put me on the waitlist.

Nov 13
Cleveland Clinic Florida rejects.

Nov 15
Salem Hospital rejects, Yahoo- UT Houston sent an Invite!

Nov 16
Gundersen Rejection.

Nov 20
Hackensack- Seton Hall and AKRON general CLE sent a rejection.

Nov 28
Rejection from Wayne State/ Detroit Medical Center

Nov- 3
Interviewed at University at Buffalo, went extremely fine!

Dec 1
Rejection from University of Missouri Kansas City.

Dec 2
Rejection from University of New Mexico, only those who rotated there got an IV.

Dec 4
Interviewed at Presence Saint Francis Evanston. Alhamdulillah got my 13th invite from Orange Park Medical Center Orange Park. Rejection from Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Dec 7
Alhamdulillah got done with my IV at Lincoln, it went good, I got an invite from Tyler wood Longview but dates coincided with Uni of Oklahoma, so can’t attend it.

Dec 15
Just going back from Atlanta to Houston to Ajam’s place, so far so good, Alhamdulillah satisfied with my performance, rest leave it to Almighty!

Dec 21
Writing right from Midland airport, just got done with IV at Odessa TEXAS TECH PERMIAN BASIN PROGRAM, It went awesome.

Dec 31
Albert Einstein PHL sent an invite and scheduled me on Jan 10th. So I have to miss its pre IV dinner or UT Houston.

Jan 2
Got an invite from Hofstra Staten Island Alhamdulillah

Jan- 4
Pre-Interview Dinner at UTMB, Jan 5- Interview at UTMB

Jan 7
Came to Houston with Harris, Jan 8- UT Houston pre-interview dinner and CCF rejects!!!

Jan 9
UT Houston Interview

Mercy catholic medical center rejection

Jan 18
Got a rejection from Sinai Hospital Baltimore.

Interviews Experience

Bronx Lebanon
overall okay IV, went just for practice, ask you ethical questions, interesting cases and rest all same your weaknesses and strengths, why this program, what brings you here, future plans etc. 2/10

Allegheny Pittsburgh
Pre IV dinner a very relaxed and laid back, best cool and supportive residents and faculty, opportunities for fellowships and also hospitalists, research-oriented, cool IV- 8/10, we have seniors over there and pretty good reputation of our residents. 8/10

University at Buffalo sister charity
good for hospitalists/internist, PD very motivated for pushing residents to get into competitive fellowships, cheap accommodation, residents happy, good clinical exposure and didactic, board passing rate 90%, faculty supportive and collegial environment- 6/10 rating

Presence Saint Francis Evanston
Very friendly staff and supportive program. Pushes you for an H1 visa. Busy ICU, many IMGs including Arabs, Pakistani, and Indians, Dr. Joseph interviewed me and asked about the whole journey and IVs so far also about CV and publications. Overall a very good program and particularly for H1 visa-> GC. 6.5/10

Lincoln Medical Center NYC
PD Syrian, poker face, asked just usual IV questions, nothing out of blue. APD: VERY NICE- asked the same questions, anything that isn’t on your CV. Good if you want to become a hospitalist, not much of research, very busy hospital, underserved population- 5/10

University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Dr. Pakala- mostly CV, personal statement and interests related question, one Behavioral question and ended the interview. Dr. Medina- quiet and smart- fired a bunch of behavioral questions back to back, asked about the internship in Pakistan. (given me insight into improving teaching skills, took my email id) – Can’t say much about the match- all poker face, residents were awesome, mostly KE grads here. only J1, Good for fellowships, 90 percent match rate. Relaxed Pre IV dinner but I think residents judge you. 8/10

Morehouse School of Medicine- ATL
What a center, never seen such a giant center, 1000 bed plus, mostly deals with underserved and African American population, a mid-sized program 22 seats, but massive patient load, residents involved in research, last year 100 percent match rate and this year 80 percent, In-house Cardio fellowship, expanding Pulmo critical care next year..also adding gastro and palliative care. Residents happy and diverse, I was interviewed by Dr. Ivonye- praised me for putting a real strong application quiet and efficient, general question, nothing out of blue. Dr. Endeshaw- asked me an interesting and challenging case, rest at CV related question, overall I really enjoyed, definitely best for fellowships and hospitalist future, residents don’t judge you at the pre-iv dinner, seton patron Mexican food was yum. 8.5/10

Texas Tech Permian Basin Odessa
Interviewed by Dr. Davis and Dr. Pala, just usual day to day and routine IV questions, nothing out of blue, residents were super chill and happy, a lot of Pakistanis and Indians in the program, people do get into fellowships around 75 to 80 percent. Research opportunities are provided if you want, rest Odessa is a bit uncrowded and less busy city, accommodations got an expensive due to the oil industry. Enough hands-on experience and exposure to diverse pathology in the center, I liked it. Our seniors at this center. 7.5/10

UTMB Interview
Best program, best residents, all happy, funny, research-oriented, 100 percent fellowship rate, Ajam’s palace, Interview was all about your CV and interests. No medical-related questions at all. Only 1 IMG last yr.- Meghna, fingers crossed, relaxed pried dinner- a laid-back one. * is doing a prelim there for neuro. 10/10

UT Houston
fellowships, Support, everything was fine, a busy program- prefers Houston ties and rich experience there. IV was all about that. Nothing out of blue. Eat as much possible at Pre IV dinner- a laid-back one. 9.5/10

Albert Einstein Medical Center
Quite a busy center, a perfect balance of academics, services, and scholarly activities, best fellowships, hospitalists, supportive staff, African American major pt population, IV mostly a general one, about life, goals, areas, questions, 1 IV with a resident, a blind date lol, all about life and interests. Couldn’t attend pried dinner- but laid back. 9/10

Hofstra Northwell Staten Island
H1 and J1 program, very busy program, all in-house fellowships available and preferred, research available if you are proactive yourself, supportive, scut work being done to a certain extent by residents, highly paid 71K, PD Arab, Residents were happy, near my relatives and after all its NYC. 7/10

Orange Park Medical Center
3 interviews, with PD: Dr. Ahmad from Jhelum, Pakistan- asked about personal statement and rotations, LoRs in-depth, 2nd one with APD: He asked about anything out of CV, research and general talk, what have you been doing, any questions, 3rd one with transitional year APD: Dr.Guzman: She asked the same generals stuff, why this center, future goals, what are you doing these days. Overall it was a good program, not a very big one, but they are starting a cardio fellowship with 3 positions this year. **** Bhai is there. 5/7 fellows matched this year from the 1st batch. 5/10

LSU-Lafayette program
4 Interviews, 1 with a resident R2, normal talk, goals, interests. 1 with Dr. Curry PD- usual talk, 1 with Dr. Clark- usual CV related talk, 1 with Dr. Stout- normal talk, stress, and challenging scene handled. Overall very benign and good program for hospitalists, people go to New Orleans for electives, and fellowship and research opportunities aren’t that great. Amazing and super nice people. The area is just so, not a party hub. J1 only. 5.5/10

Abington Memorial Hospital Philadelphia
2 Interviews, PD/APD/CHIEF = I did with PD Dr. Boigon and Dr. Ramirez. PD was super nice and asked me about my life experiences and one most learning encounter. Dr. Ramirez did an atypical interview, asked me all questions that I had for her, and talked a bit about my interests, LoRs, Overall many Pakistanis, H1 program, nice friendly program, people are getting into fellowships these days. 8/10

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