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USMLE Step 1 Experience – Dr. Adeel Chaudhary

It is here finally…Alhamdulillah!

TARGET SCORE:- 260 plus

Step 1 Exam score: 259

Total Prep duration: 8 months

Prep materials: Kaplan Videos and Notes once plus Pathoma videos with Goljan book, Ethics 100 cases and UW Biostatistics review, offline Uworld subject wise.Google images and also used HY neuro and gross anatomy that was useless.

Followed by FA and DIT with a couple of offline NBMEs in between 1,5,7,11,12.

Then online Uworld followed by FA with online NBMEs.

Things that I did my exam in hurry and did many simple avoidable mistakes, but its part of life 🙂

Assessment scores:- Uworld offline 90 percent

Uworld online:- 92 percent

13- 262 15- 256 16- 254 17-260 18- 262 UWSA 1 -258 UWSA 2 – 262

And my offline NBMEs were also in late 250s and early 260s.

Details: Started with Kaplan videos and notes of each subject followed by the respective section from FA and Uworld offline for each subject. For patho, I did Pathoma videos and Goljan book. Alongside I made my notes from UW and I used to read those in free time.

Then I did FA with DIT and took my 1st online NBME 13.. and did a couple of offline nbmes.

Then I took online Uworld and did it in 38 days.. and annotated my FA. When I was done with 50 percent Uworld I took UWSA 1 and NBME 15 .. then finished my Uworld. And revised my annotated FA. After that, I took NBME 16 and UWSA 2. After that, I kept on reading my FA with Uworld questions at night to keep myself question oriented and took weekly online NBME 18 and 17

Last word of advice: Be consistent, focused and keep working hard!

Good luck people!


Dr Adeel Chaudhary

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