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USMLE Step 1 Experience of an IMG – Dr. Farhana Islam

First thanks to almighty Allah, that I could finish this step 1 journey, and passed.

Thanks to my little 5 yr old child and my husband who did a lot of sacrifice for me throughout my whole journey …

And I do thank this group from the bottom of my heart, this group helped me in this journey till end otherwise I would have done much bad score than this or lost.

I did pass but yes my scores (228) are not that much to make my rest of the journey easy, though I will fight till the end…

In case somebody needed to know…

NBME 20-203(4 months before)
NBME 21-223(3 months)
NBME 22-219(2 months)
NBME 23-228(2 months)
NBME 24-232(15 days)
SIM-2 – 247 (5 days)
Free -81% (10 days apart)

Could not do sim-1, NBME 18 due to shortage of time

I wish you all the people outside who are struggling their best to come out of it and may Allah help u …


Dr. Farhana Islam

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