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USMLE Step 2CK Experience – Dr. Adeel Chaudhary

Alhamdulillah, it is here finally !!!

It is 269 in Step 2 CK.

Thank you so much for being such an amazing group 🙂

So many of my colleagues have asked me the best plan, so what I feel like is the most productive plan, I would just upload it once and for all. Because I can’t reply to all the inbox texts.

I have passed step 1 already so this would be more useful for those fellas out there

Do Online Med Ed lectures with Kaplan books for medicine and pediatrics (You can skip lecture notes if you want for these). Do Surgery and OBG for Kaplan notes and Kaplan lectures. Take UW for 6 months. Do it timed system wise after you read every system . Make your notes all along. Finish all this and then do UW step 3 offline if you want. Followed by 2nd go of timed Random step 2 UW CK.

After that solve CMS in a week. Revise your notes take assessments. And then Exam. If I had to do this I would have done it this way.

I read only step up medicine and MTB 3 for all others(crappy useless) with all the qbanks Kaplan(offline – 73 percent), UW CK(84 % in 1st go and 95 % in 2nd go) and UW step 3 online-80 %, CMS Forms offline.

Nbme 4- 258, NBME 6 – 256, NBME 7- 264, UWSA 1 – 274, UWSA 2- 262

No need for MTBs or FA. Get UpToDate for the last phase of your prep from anyone. And do icing on the prep by that. This is the best I would have done if I had to start it again.

Rest do what suits you best, we all are different, so follow your heart.

P.S The exam is always about adequacy, not perfection!


Dr. Adeel Chaudhary

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