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USMLE Step 3 Study Plan – Dr. Adeel Chaudhary

Many of my colleagues asked me to write about the best study plan. So, I’m writing what I feel to be the most productive plan.

Do OnlineMedEd lectures with Kaplan books for medicine and peds (You can skip lecture notes if you want for these). Do Surgery and OBG from Kaplan notes and Kaplan lectures. Take UW for six months. Do it timed system wise after you read every system. Make your notes all along. Finish all this and then do UW step 3 offline if you want. Followed by 2nd go of timed Random step 2 UW CK.

After that solve CMS in a week. Revise your notes take assessments. And then Exam. If I had to do this, I would have done it this way.

During my prep, I read only Step Up medicine, and MTB 3 for all others (crappy useless) with all the Kaplan qbank, UW CK, and UW step 3 online, CMS Forms offline.

No need for MTBs or FA. Get UpToDate for the last phase of your prep. And do icing on the prep by that. This is the best I would have done if I had to start it again.

Rest do what suits you best, we all are different, so follow your heart.

P.S. The exam is always about adequacy, not perfection!

Conversations with the candidates

❓ Thanks for your feedback, you will get + 260 I am sure about that, you solved Qs with your brainstem 😀 no need for your cortex, It is like driving your car, congratulations, can I ask you a Q? What about step 1 facts?? Is it tested on the exam?… Thank you so much

They hit the basics in the best possible way, pathology, microbes and general physio concepts but those who have taken step 1 already. It will be fine for them

❓ I’m in my step 1 prep. recently completed with UW online it better do anything in addition like UW step 2 CK offline or step 3 UW or any topics from step 2 CK books? Please let us know. thanks in advance.

Nope focus on entirely step 1. One can’t even retain FA step 1. Keep limited resources and master them

❓ how useful is Kaplan qbank for step 2?

Can’t say much about it. But do it in the start if you have time. Otherwise, you can skip it. The more you solve the questions the broader your vision and approach gets. It’s just as simple

❓ is doing up to date & u world step 3 is a must for the exam! a.k .a:: any concepts from these sources were heavily tested

Bro, not much, but psych hell yeah!

❓ What do u recommend for IM Adeel, Kaplan or MTB 2

Check the plan I wrote, that would be best

❓ I will have my exam in two weeks what do you advise me to focus on

Do what you doing. Revising the things you have already done. And go relaxed

❓ So do u think UW is enough to get a decent score??

If you remember it then sure…

❓ Omg you should have a sedative tablet, short-acting

I wish, but I often function optimum sleepy. Fewer chances of overthinking errors

❓ Which portions of UW step 3, you think are must to do? and second questions, DId CMS helped?

CMS yes !!!

1 question was ditto from there lol…

UW 3 psych at least, rest UW 2 and 3 and hardly different

❓ Just finishing the exam is already a success. Did you find CMS useful for the exam?


❓ What about UW step 3 in terms of adding on uw2 and cms?

UW 3 just psych would be suffice

Cms were good. As in the thinking minds behind the question, the phrasing was like CMS

❓ Were stems shorter than UW?


❓ Congrats dude. I have suffered exactly the same. Not even a fuc***** second in the whole night, horrible situation.

Haha you spoke my heart out

❓ Congrats and all the best for ur score What would u advise regarding step up to CK medicine book?

I read it quickly.. it was good

❓ What makes psych a difficult portion for every recent exam takers? Isn’t it enough with Uw2 and cms questions?

It’s just confusing…

❓ Giving exam itself is a big achievement. How many q from heart sound?? Is it doable??

Yup doable, not that hard

❓ What u suggest doing in last week of test..revising UW or revising CMS also along wid UW?? And don’t tell me to do whatever you are doing….u did suggest me that last time wid step 1…

Haha revise UW notes

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